How to start a business online

It all started with a dream…

My dream has always been to quit my job and take my daughter travelling around the world. For years this has seemed like an impossible dream because I need to work to support us and how would I work if we were travelling all the time? Starting a business seemed like the perfect solution. But what kind of business would I be able to run

After spending many years and months asking myself this question I finally decided enough was enough. I was going to bite the bullet and go for it. I thought up a few ideas all in the space of a few months and decided to try them all! So I am currently working on 2 online businesses and one real life business. These ideas are putting me on track to becoming self-employed and fulfilling my dreams of travelling the world. Now I want to help and encourage other mums to do the same.

The World is Changing

We all know that the world is changing and jobs aren’t as secure. Most people can no longer afford a mortgage which means we are living in unsecured rented housing. Many people are stuck in a job with no prospects and the chance of only very slow, slight progression. Prices are going up faster than wages which means we are becoming worse off. And people are commuting miles to work every day, getting home late and only having time to make dinner before feeling so exhausted they go to bed.

Being stuck in this situation is no longer the only option. Many more people are starting to realise that there is another way. But actually going out and getting it seems really scary. Lots of the time the thought of leaving a secure income is just unthinkable. Which is why starting a part-time business can be a good way to build your confidence before taking the plunge. Either way, you will never get rich working for someone else.

Millennials have the edge

Millennials are anyone who was born during the 80’s and 90’s. I was born in ’89 so fall right in the middle of the group. Millennials have a serious edge over people older than us. We grew up with technology as it was being created and developed. We had mobile phones as teenagers, even if it was a Nokia 3310, and we had the internet. This means that most of us have the skills to start an online business, even if we don’t realise it.

It also means that we are good at finding information. We know that there are articles on the internet or videos on youtube that can teach you how to do pretty much anything, including start a business. So that is why if you are a millennial you would be crazy not to try and start a business. You already have all the skills and access to the knowledge.

The Global Marketplace

In today’s world, we have access to a truly global marketplace. People often take for granted the fact that you can order clothes from China and have them delivered to your house, but let’s face it it’s pretty amazing! The global marketplace means there are billions of possible customers for your business especially if you set up an online business. But even if you set up a local business you can get ideas and learn from people all over the world.

Making the most of the international marketplace is so important. There are lots of jobs you can now do remotely online. You could even be an online administrator or personal assistant to someone who lives on the other side of the world. So when you are deciding on a business remember that it doesn’t have to be local. The world is your oyster.


Be Your Own Boss

Most people would love the idea of being their own boss. Starting a business gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your own hours and earn more money. As a mum it is a great way to have the freedom to still be there for your kids but earn an income. I honestly believe that anyone can start a business no matter what. Everyone is good at something and everyone has something to give or to share. You may never have realised it but you do! Even if you only start small and do something part time while you still work it could grow. So just give it a go. Think about your passions and your interests and think about how they could become a business.

Do something you are passionate about

Starting a business is never easy which is why I always suggest to people that they do something they love. Create a business that plays to your strengths and will have you waking up in the morning feeling excited for the week ahead. You will be spending lots of time researching things for your business, working on ideas so it needs to be something you won’t get bored of. Here is my guide on how to decide what kind of business to run.

I love the idea of waking up every day and doing something I love. I love the idea of doing something different every day. This is why I have started 3 businesses at the same time. I get bored really easily. My favourite job has been working in a care home putting on activities and parties for the residents. I love working with older people and people with dementia. I find it really rewarding to be part of their day and make them smile. That is why I decided to start a care home party business.

It can be something so small you never even realised it was a passion or an interest. It could be just one part of your job but you can create a business from it.

online business

Start An Online business

For many people, an online business is one of the easiest ways to make money from home and there are tonnes of ideas for online businesses. I have started making money online through something called affiliate marketing but there are loads of different online businesses from digital assistance to buying and selling on ebay.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple idea and when I was first introduced to it I really had a moment of thinking why isn’t everyone doing this? I managed to get an affiliate marketing website up and running in one weekend. Building it up to the point where is makes money will take longer but if you have time and dedication then anyone can do it. If you are interested in finding out more you can here.

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