Design is far from my area of expertise, I am much more words than images. However, I felt it deserved to be one of the options because not everyone is like me and lots people like to create things. I work with lots of designers and I do know that it is a great way to make money from anywhere in the world. Like with all of these online business ideas you do not have to be in the same location as your clients.

I am not going to pretend to know everything about becoming a graphic designer but I am going to point you in the right direction if you think this is the right path for you.

Graphic Design

This lady can explain graphic design to you much better than I ever could…

Web Designer/Developer

And I will leave it to this lovely guy to explain the design and development…


You will need to get some great training and practice, practice, practice. This is not something you can learn overnight. But if you really want to get into something creative online then this is really worth it.