If you are creative and have a good eye then becoming a digital designer might be the perfect online business for you. Becoming a digital designer of any kind will take some training and lots of practice, but there are lots of online training courses you can take, plus tonnes of free tutorials on Youtube etc.

There are different types of design work you can do. Some people specialise in one area and other people mixture. Here are some of the main areas of design you can get into.

Graphic Design

Become a graphic designer…

Web Designer/Developer

Take a look at my interview with the Website Wonder Woman talking about how she became a home based web designer and now works freelance with clients all over the country.


These online businesses are great for someone who is both creative and tech-savvy. You will need to get some great training and practice, practice, practice. This is not something you can learn overnight. But if you really want to get into something creative online then this is really worth it.