10 Reasons why mums should consider starting their own business 

There are so many good reasons to start your own business if you are a mum. For me it’s all about increasing my income and having more freedom. I hate the idea of making money for someone else and seeing very little return, I hate the fact that I work all hours and am still skint and I hate the fact that my daughter spends so much time at an after school club.

When my daughter was 10 months old I went back to work. I was so bored at home it was driving me totally nuts. I’m sure lots of women love to stay home with their babies all day but I’m really not very domesticated and it just wasn’t for me at all. So, I got myself a part time job in a restaurant and I really enjoyed it. The problem with working is you have to commit to someone else’s schedule and that very rarely fits around the needs of your family when you’re a mum.

Depending on what you choose to do working for yourself can give you the freedom to work when and where you want. It can increase your income and give you more time with your family. So here are my top reasons to quit your job and start your own business.

1. Freedom

Being your own boss gives you freedom. No more set work days, no more 24 days holiday a year. With some businesses, you could travel all year if you really wanted to. With an online business, you could set yourself up anywhere in the world. The opportunities are endless. Find out more about setting up an online business here.

2. More family time

Working for yourself means you’re in charge of the schedule (to an extent depending on the business). You can go to the school play, you can be there at home time. It does mean that you will be up late working after the kids have gone to bed a lot of the time but it’s worth it to spend more time with your kids.

3. Flexibility

Working for yourself you don’t have to worry about calling in sick if one of your children are unwell or what to do with the kids during the school holidays. You can still make money and provide for them but without being tied into a 9-5 or horrible shift work.

4. No commute

You no longer have to face the terrifying prospect of a commute into work on roads back to back with traffic. My god it’s just the worst isn’t it? Put ur dressing gown on, make yourself a brew, grab your laptop and get to work without facing the horrors of the road.

5. Build something for your children

Building a business is about the long term. Creating something that will ensure you and your children have a secure future. Jobs today aren’t guaranteed and going forward with more developments in technology etc the job market will continue to get smaller. Build something you can hand over to your children or that will at least build them a fund for when they start out in life. Mortgage loan anyone? This is one of the reasons why mums are so good in business. They have the biggest motivation. Their families.

6.Increase Your Income

When you are working for someone else you are only taking a small portion of the money you make for the business. That’s how business works. So why not take the whole lot? Setting up any business will take some investment but if you do well you have the chance to make so much more money. Once you have established yourself you could even look at taking someone on, you would then increase your profits by doubling your output but only be paying the person a percentage of what they have made you.

7. Builds independence and confidence

Running your own business makes you feel more independent. You are constantly problem-solving, building something from scratch yourself and this builds so much self-confidence. When you see the money rolling in that you are earning for your family you will feel as if you don’t need anyone else in the world!

8. Learn new skills

Building up a new business you are constantly learning. Teaching yourself new skills, researching. All of this is personal development and you never know, one day that skills you have taught yourself might be worth something to someone else.

9. Enjoy the sunshine

There is nothing worse than staring out of the office window at the sun when you know there are torrential downpours forecast for the weekend. Go outside and sit in the sun, take a day off and go to the park, sit in a pub garden, you’re the boss.

10. Learn to love Mondays!

You no longer need to feel overwhelming dread on a Sunday night at the thought of Monday morning. You can sleep soundly knowing that on Monday you will be continuing to build your own empire!


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