Be Your Own Boss

I am the Millennial Mum in Business… I work to help other mums like me to start up and market new online businesses. Helping them to gain financial freedom, work from home and spend more time with their kids.

It all started with a dream…

My dream has always been to quit my job and take my daughter traveling around the world. For years this has seemed like an impossible dream because I need to work to support us and how would I work if we were traveling all the time? Starting a business seemed like the perfect solution. But what kind of business would I be able to run?

Beach Australia

Ever since I started looking into becoming self-employed I have come across so many different opportunities to make money both online and offline. Many of these ideas I never even knew about until I really started looking into becoming self-employed and now I want to share these ideas with others.

I believe that so many more people would be better off if they were self-employed. Especially other mums like me. Not only does being self-employed give you the opportunity to make more money. It also gives you the chance to spend more time with your family, enjoy more free time and travel.

So whatever your motivation there is a business idea out there that will give you the chance to improve your life, gain financial freedom and follow your dreams.

You Can Start a Business

No matter who you are, no matter what your skills and experience are there is something out there for you. Here I will share some of the best business ideas I have come across along with inspirational stories from others who have started a business. I will share my journey to becoming self-employed, with all the ups and downs and everything I have learned.


So if you have ever dreamed of becoming self-employed then stick around for lots of help and tips for starting a business…