Digital Marketing is a vast and wide field and although I would say I am an all-round Digital Marketeer I have my key strengths and areas I don’t do so well at. Like everyone! I love social media and creating content that gets people talking. I am not such a fan of email but I can do it if I have to. So it’s important that if you consider digital marketing as an online business that you find a niche or area to specialise in.

Content Creator

Do you love writing? Have a way with words, and a keen eye for spelling and grammar? Content creators can create any kind of content from video to images to blogs but the kind of content I am focusing on here is written.

Businesses need to engage with their audiences in new ways by creating blogs, guides, Q&A’s for their websites and to share on social media. If you feel comfortable writing quality content then this could be the area for you.

Social Media

Social media management is a huge growth area right now. There are so many businesses that need help with creating, scheduling and managing their social media presence and I would recommend anyone who already loved social media to try and get into this now whilst it’s hot.

You will need to constantly be researching and learning because the top social platforms are always changing the way they do things. They do not make it easy for us. But if you think you would be good at getting people taking then see if you can find an online course in social media to start you off.

Check out this video where I discuss the role with another SMM.



And SEO manager of developer helps people to improve their Google rankings. This is a big area at the moment and lots of businesses focusing on this as a key part of their marketing strategy. If you are quite technical and enjoy analytical things then SEO may be the one for you.  Jaxxy is a great tool I use to develop SEO and check the number of results per each search.

Email Marketing

If you enjoy crafting messages and images together then email coding is something you should certainly look into. It’s something almost all businesses will be doing in one way or another. You will need to take time to learn how to code so this is defiantly not for the faint-hearted. There are tonnes of online training courses or youtube videos that can get you started so check this one out…

Video Marketing

Enjoy creating and editing video or feel you would be good at it? Why not take a course and see where it goes.

With all areas of digital marketing skill and experience is required. This is not an easy business that you can set up in 5 minutes but if you are serious about building your skills in any of these areas then you can make really good money as a freelancer.