Scared and Excited… Planning our journey stage 1

This month has been a major roller coaster and whirlwind for me…

Everything happens for a reason

Last month I applied for a full-time Events and Marketing role at the University Of Liverpool and was super excited when I got called back for a second interview. This was my dream job, in my favourite city where I had always wanted to live. And I can’t tell you how much I needed the change. I have been living in a small quiet town for 4 years now and I couldn’t be more over it! So I have been looking for my escape for a while.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. However, not getting it may well be the best thing that has ever happened to me. It made me reassess what I really want and what I have always wanted.

My lifelong dream

Ever since I was young I have always been obsessed with the idea of travelling the world. I started looking into online business opportunities for this exact reason so why was I applying for jobs when I am in a position to earn money on the road and fulfil my dreams?

I think the truth is even someone like me who doesn’t follow the rules is conditioned by society to do things a certain way. Go to school, get a job, work hard for someone else. And even when you become aware of this it’s still hard to fight the overwhelming desire to choose the secure option. The option with the stable income, mortgage and security.

But the truth is that’s not me. Not one little bit. So it’s given me the major kick up the ass I need. And I have made the decision that next year we (Me and my 8-year-old daughter) will be leaving the UK and heading on an indefinite adventure around the world.

New York

Turning to reality

The emotions I am feeling right now I can’t really put into words. I feel in a constant state of scared, excited, anxiety that all my dreams are about to come true. I have been looking at flights and seen a flight to Boston for £150! I mean £150! That’s all I need to escape? I can’t quite believe how within my reach my dreams actually are.

So for anyone who is interested. Here is my plan. Book flights to Boston before Xmas for July 2018. That way they are booked and paid for and there is no turning back! Then, as early as I can get the money together next year, I will book my flights from LA to Sydney for early October. Giving us 3-4months in the states to explore. When I sell my car before we leave in July I will use the money to book my flights to Thailand for after New Year as we can only stay in Australia for 3 months on a visitors visa. After that who knows…


Speaking to a friend about our USA trip and am currently thinking Boston – NY – Niagra Falls – Chicago – Atlanta – Denver – Grand Canyon – Vegas- San Fransisco – LA. Major road trip! I have some friends in these key places so would be able to have some downtime (rent free) for a few days in each place.

I would love to hear from anyone who has travelled the states with kids and anyone who has suggestions on places to visit.

Grand Canyon

What is your big dream and what steps are you taking to make it happen?

I didn’t wake up one day and suddenly have the ability to make money online. This time last year I was working a normal office job being paid ok, not great but earning enough to get by.

I made the concious decision that I wanted a different life and I have taken steps every day since then to make this a reality. Teaching myself new skills, networking with other business people, learning about new ways to make money, watching webinars (even the rubbish ones who just want you to buy something at the end) and all of this has contribued to where I am today. It did not happen overnight.

So, ask yourself. What is your dream and what steps are you taking to make it happen today?


One thought on “Scared and Excited… Planning our journey stage 1

  1. It’s never too early to follow your dreams and make new experiences happen!! I can’t wait until you get on that first flight and keep us posted of all that do and see!!! Good luck!! Xx

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