Why everyone should try home schooling once

One of the biggest things that changed in my life when I chose to sack it all off to travel the world, is the fact that I am now souly responsible for my daughter’s education. It’s been a crazy ride so far and I have learned so much. I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew the kind of life I wanted and worldschooling was the only way to make it happen.

There have been many days when we have done absolutely nothing at all, and she has played on here ipad all day or we have lain in bed watching Netflix. But there have also been days when we have spent hours talking about history and she can now recite Henry 8th’s wives and a bit about each of them.

I think what really scares people about it is the lack of structure – at least in the way I do it. But I have never been about living up to the standards set by other people. I know my daughter learns so much every day, I just don’t feel the need to prove this to anyone.

The way she speaks now, so much of the time she just sounds wise. She could probably figure out how to get from one side of a city to another using an underground map, something I know a lot of grown ups who don’t live in big cities struggle with. She can hold a conversation with any adult she meets and work out the time difference from Australia to Berlin so she can call her dad.

She can make logical decisions and reason in the same way, if not better then many adults. She is socially extremely aware and will call people out for things when she sees wrong being done. This may be considered rude for a child, but I think when she is older she will be a diplomat and a peace maker.

You can’t test wisdom. You can’t test any of these things.

You will learn more about your kids

I have learned so much about her over these last few months. Everyone thinks they know their kids, but until you spend every waking moment with them for 3 months, you really don’t! We are closer now than we have ever been and we were pretty close before. I think this trip has strengthened our bond and made us love and respect eachother more than ever.

You will learn things

Whenever I start teaching Nyneave about a new topic, she asks questions I don’t know the answer to. I then have to go off and find out and we often do this kind of research together. She also picks up knowledge from all over the place. Other people, YouTube, TV etc. She will then come back and tell me thing and I actually learn from her.

Your kids will be better at socialising

One of the biggest things people often thing about home schooled kids is that they will not be social. Load of crap! Ny is more social with people of a much wider range of ages then most kids. She knows how to interact with toddlers and can hold a conversation with a teenager or a pensioner quite happily. She has made friends everywhere she has gone all over the world.

Your kids will have a better understanding of the real world

So often I will have to tell Nyneave that I am working and she needs to entertain herself. She sees me working and she knows how much hard work it takes to make our life and make things happen. When I was a child that was never really real to me. I knew my mum went to work but I never saw it and I never really understood in the way Ny does.

You will learn patience

I have never really considered myself to be a patient person. But helping Ny to learn has forced me to be. Getting stressed out when she doesn’t understand something doesn’t really help anyone. Plus when you stay calm and help her to “get it” it’s like a win for you both.

It will make you grateful to teachers

On a similar note you find yourself imagining life with 30 of the little buggers asking you questions all day. You will have a new found respect for teachers and the amazing job they do in very difficult circumstances.

You will see how well children do under one to one attention

Children thrive in a one to one environment. They are attention seekers by nature so when they have your undivided attention they progress so fast. It’s amazing to see and they often feel happier learning when they have someone’s constant support.

You can test specific techniques

My daughter had dyslexia so I tried a walking talking lesson one day. Rather than sitting writing notes or reading about a subject we walked and talked about it. I told her facts and she asked questions and she retained so much more of the information. Schools don’t get to do this kind of thing, but you can.

You can go off course

Whatever you feel like learning you can learn about. Whether it’s space or the food chain, volcanoes or the evolution. Wake up and decide each day, plan a few weeks, change your mind. You are in control. This means that when your child shows specific interest in something you can go with it and let them explore naturally.

Set your own schedule

I’m not going to lie this is one of the best bits! Got to bed and get up when you like. No more school runs, no more remembering fancy dress day and take a £1. I did once send Ny into school dressed up on totally the wrong day! At least I can never do that again. I am by nature a very spontaneous person and I love the fact that now I can be every day.

I am sure I will want to add to this list but these are just some of the things I have loved about home schooling and why I think everyone should give it a go even if it’s just for 6 months! Why not book a trip and travel the world for 6 months with your kids. Home school them along the way!

2 thoughts on “Why everyone should try home schooling once

  1. And the best part of her travelling across the world is she learns abput different perspectives! Those awful oppressive British soldiers in Boston could be the heroes elsewhere (it’s possible). My high school students have to look at different sources and documents I provide for them. Ny is seeing it in unfold in front of her. It is really amazing!

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  2. So right! We all tell history from different perspectives depending where we are right! Love that she is learning all of this at a young age 🙂


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