5 reasons to join BizMums as you launch your business


BizMums has been one of the biggest factors in helping me to start up and grow my business over the last 12 months. In fact, I haven’t even been a member quite that long yet, although it feels like I have known many of the ladies for years. I joined in September 2017, having started freelancing in the summer. I soon began to understand the real power and importance of this “networking” everyone talked about, and not for the reasons you may think!

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It’s not about sales!

Most people go into networking thinking it’s all about having a tonne of people to sell to. But that is not what it’s really about. Even though my business is b2b (as a social media manager my customers are businesses) going into networking events with the idea that you are just looking for customers in the wrong way to go about it. So I wanted to share with you, what you can really expect to gain from joining a networking group and especially BizMums.


Why BizMums?

Firstly I would just like to explain why I attend BizMums over other networking groups.

  • Even as a confident person, going into formal networking events can be quite scary and intimidating. At BizMums, although speaking for the first time was still nervewracking, I felt that everyone was in the same boat and no one was judging me.
  • As a mum we have totally different problems and struggles in business compared to other business owners. It’s great to have a place to talk about these specific issues and problems and feel understood
  • Women can bring their children. BizMums was founded for this very reason, to give mums with young children a place to network and it just creates a totally relaxed atmosphere. Even though Ny is school age I just think it’s great to give so many women the opportunity to attend.
  • The community feel, especially online and how everyone supports eachother is just amazing. The members-only group is a place where women can share their problems in business and life and get advice and support from so many people. I think this is pretty unique.
  • I am not a “formal” person, I hate putting on airs and graces and pretending to be professional. It’s just not me. I don’t have to do that at BizMums I can just be 100% myself

5 Reasons to join BizMums

Networking is great for business however you choose to do it. For some people, formal networking and referral networking works really well. Either way, get networking! But here are my 5 reasons to join BizMums specifically.

Ideas & Inspiration

Even if you don’t have a business yet but are thinking of starting a business BizMums is the place to be. I got so many ideas and so much inspiration from attending events and just hearing about other women’s journeys.

Everyone in the group will have something to offer you in terms of ideas for how you could develop a successful business, all you have to do is ask. BizMums founder Michelle Childs is a business coach and often attends events and can offer advice and tips or guidance along with a number of other members.

You may come across something you had never thought about before. I know I would never have thought about creating a membership club without BizMums, the idea wasn’t even on my radar!


Business support

The training and support that is available via the BizMums members site is great. There is training in all areas of business from marketing and finance to growth and mindset. If you are stuck in a particular area then there will certainly be something that can help you move forward.

Most other networking events are just that. Events. They do not come with tonnes of free resources and business support like BizMums does.

If you have a specific question you can ask in the BizMums group and you will more than likely get an answer from someone in the industry or with specific experience of that problem.

Emotional support

Business is one thing, but as an entrepreneur, woman, mum and human being we have lots of other things going on in our lives. Sometimes we have problems that no one else really understands. Our friends and family may not get the struggles we have as entrepreneurs. Most people who go to work every day can’t quite understand what we go through trying to run a business and a family and how fried our brains get!

In the BizMums members’ group, women often share their personal struggles and are always given tonnes of support from the other members. Chances are it’s something someone else is also going through. Having a place where you can talk openly and be understood makes a massive difference to how you feel in yourself and can help you improve in business.


Of course with sharing and supporting eachother comes friendships! Some real face to face friendships from women you meet at your local events and some are digital friendships with women you have never met. I took at trip up to Southport BizMums near Liverpool last month and met up with Michayla Leyland who I have spoken to online over the last few months. Was great to meet her in person and chat like old friends.

You can never have to many friends! And these friendships have done so much for me in helping me to travel. I have stayed with a BizMum in Mallorca and on the Wirral.

It’s also totally different having friends who understand your struggles and want to talk about business stuff. As entrepreures, we are all consumed with what we do and it’s on our mind 24/7. Our friends and family may not be interested in talking about Money Block, SEO or Sales Funnels but our BizMums friends are.

BizMums friendships


We all have those moments in our life when we wonder what it’s all about. What is it all for? Why are we doing this? We lose our mojo – and when you work a 9 – 5 it’s not a major thing to worry about. You’ll still get paid. But as an entrepreure, if can be scary because with most of our businesses if we don’t do the work no one else will.

BizMums has really helped me to get motivated when I am having these down days. The members group is great for this with morning motivation talks from Michelle and other members of the team.

Attending the meetings always leaves me feeling really fired up! You get to hear about lots of new ideas from different women and when you walk out the door you want to run straight home and get to work.

Join BizMums

You can join BizMums or find out more about it here

The membership is just £15 per month and with that, you can attend any events all over the country. You can also access all the training and support online and the members-only group.

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