5 reasons to stay with AirBnB


5 Reasons to stay with Air BnB

Travelling the world and staying in hotels can be great fun, but often you don’t get a real feel for the place you are staying in. You stay in a resort, mix with other Brits or other travellers and never really meet any locals. I guess if you are heading off on a summer holiday just to relax then that’s fine. But if you are travelling to really experience places then staying with Air BnB is an amazing way to do it.

Meet the locals

This is important for so many reasons. If you want to really get to know a place, get to know its people. It’s the people the really make a city what it is after all. If you’re looking for a real cultural experience then staying with Air BnB can give you just that. Your hosts will more than likely be local and know more about your chosen destination than any tour guide.

Find out about hidden local hotspots

Once you meet and stay with local people you can finally get to know a place like a local. Your hosts can tell you about places you would never discover on your own or if you were staying in a hotel. The best restaurants that are hidden down back streets, the best nightclubs, parks and so much more. Some hosts can even act as tour guides, depending on the type of hosts you choose.

Stay off the beaten track

Looking for a place to stay that’s away from the typical tourist areas? Air BnB offers accommodation way off the beaten track in places you would never find a hotel. If you’re looking for a way to get really amongst it then there is sure to be somewhere for you.

Home away from home

Hotels are great but sometimes you want things that only a house can give you, especially when you are travelling for extended periods of time. Its great to have access to a kitchen with everything you need to make something that reminds you of home. A sofa to chill on for a few hours after a long day. These are things you get with Air BnB as a real home from home.

Get great deals

Air BnB is also a great place to get amazing deals. Sometimes you can find rooms at ¼ of the price of a hotel room. You can also get £25 off your first stay with this link, so check it out.

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