Our Epic USA Roadtrip

Grand Canyon

Boston to Los Angles in 3 months

This is the current but ever-changing plan for our epic 3-month road trip across the USA.

I thought it was about time I actually checked the route out on google maps to see how far it was.

It is a grand total of 4,821 miles… 75 hours!! Which isn’t that much I guess over 3 months. And that’s without getting lost. I would love to hear from people who have visited any of the cities on our route and feel free to let me know anywhere we are missing.


We are planning on doing some by train and some by hire car. I am planning on doing alot of the journey staying at AirBnB. The main reason I want to do this is so that we can really experience the places we are staying in. It’s always lovely to stay in a nice hotel but we aren’t actually going for a holiday experience. We want a real life experience of how real people live in different parts of the world. So for those of you who don’t know about AirBnB it is a website and App where you can rent a room in a persons house or you can rent out a whole house. It often works out alot cheaper than staying in hotels as well.  If you sign up here you will get £25 in travel credit!

There is just so much to see along the way… These are our current planned stops.


New York


Washington DC


New Orleans





Las Vegas

San Francisco

Los Angeles

I would love to hear from anyone who lives near any of these places and has any recommendations for where we should visit! Childfriendly and educational destinations are top of the list.

Don’t forget to follow our journey… @mumbiztravel on all social media.

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