The best kept secret in marketing


The best kept secret in marketing

For quite a few years I have been involved in the Marketing industry. Like most marketing professionals, I have spent tonnes of time online researching marketing tools, tactics and techniques. I’m a massive blog reader, especially marketing blogs because as I am sure you all know it’s so important to keep up to date with the latest trends. I spend hours online reading, watching videos and chatting to others about all things marketing. But I had never heard of Affiliate Marketing until a few months ago. It’s amazing to me that something that is essentially quite simple had never come to my attention before.

If you (like me) have never heard of Affiliate Marketing then I have written a much more detailed explanation here.

Working for myself has always been something I had wanted in the future. Travel is another one of my biggest passions so the more I looked into it the more I couldn’t believe I had never been introduced to this concept before. This real business idea that gives you the freedom to work from your laptop essentially anywhere in the world either full or part time at your leisure.

You already have the skills

The most surprising thing to me was that I already had almost all the skills required to start a successful affiliate marketing business. The only thing I didn’t know too much about was building a website. But all the rest I had a good basic understanding of. All the skills I had built as a marketer were the exact skills I needed to start a profitable online business. If you work in marketing then the chances are you know what SEO is, you have written blogs, you have a good basic understanding of social media and how to build likes or followers and you have worked with wordpress in some way. These skills are the same skills you use in your day job if you are a marketing professional. So why wouldn’t you use them to create a side line business which would make you a steady second income?

When I first discovered the idea of setting up and online business which would earn me money whilst I was at work or whilst I slept I was so excited. Who wouldn’t be? But I had never built a website from scratch and although I knew the basics of SEO I wasn’t 100% confident that I could get a website to rank in the top 3 on google which is the place you want to be to get the most traffic. Luckily, I found a website which guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate site so that even if you have none of these skills you can do so. Being a marketing professional I already had that firm grounding which meant I could fire through the training and had a blog up and running within days. You can sign up for a free account here.

Content & Key words

As any marketing professionals know, when it comes to SEO content is king. Having the right content on your website is key to getting ranked on google. The right content is all about keywords and ensuring you include these in all areas of your website. Having written blogs in my day job I had a good knowledge of this but I had never come across a tool called Jaaxy which can help you find the perfect key words to help you rank on google.  Using this tool, you can even see how many people search this key word and how many results there are. So, finding this tool helped me not only with my own website but in my day job as well.

You know it makes sense

The main reason I am writing this is because I think it’s absolutely crazy that I have had all the skills to start and online business and haven’t until now. Maybe I am the only person in marketing who has never heard of affiliate marketing or maybe others just don’t quite see the potential. I just wanted to share this with everyone I know because let’s face it, who couldn’t do with a few extra quid? If you started building a website today and it took you 6 months then in a year you could be better off. This isn’t about getting rich quick but using your skills to build something for yourself. And you never know it could become profitable enough for you to give up your day job. Or it could be a nice second income for you. The best thing about it is it’s something you can take as long as you want to create, there is no time limit on it. The internet isn’t going anywhere fast!

I hope this was helpful to any marketing professionals out there. I’m sure lots of people have opinions on affiliate marketing and please feel free to share them here. If you have any questions then go ahead and post them below. If you would like to join my training course, then head over to my training page. You can start training completely free and learn lots about SEO and website building along the way.

All the best. Chanel.

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