Digital Queen

Who is the Digital Queen?

Digital Queen is Me, Chanel aka Millennial Mum in Business! I offer specialist Social Media Management, SEO and Content Services to businesses from home.

This is great for both me and the businesses I work with. It means I can work flexibly around my home life, and the businesses I work with can benefit from my skills and expertise without the long term commitment and expense of hiring me as an employee.


Lots of businesses are now making use of consultants as shown in this article by Forbes The Rise of Digital Consultants.

The great thing about Digital Marketing is that you can work with clients anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

With my extensive experience in the Events Industry, and having worked as an Events Manager for 7 years, Digital Queen specializes in Digital Marketing for events, festivals, musicians, and creative brands.

As a millennial, I have grown up with social media and all things digital from a young age. So working in digital marketing comes naturally to me. Adding to that 6 years experience working in online marketing and you will see why I am a great fit to help your business succeed online!

digital queen

I work with businesses to develop digital marketing strategies, manage social media accounts, build online content and ultimately get more sales. I love coming up with ideas, solving problems and using creativity to promote products and services.

If your business needs a boost then you can get in touch via my contact page, facebook or email


Marketing your business

Creating an amazing business is great but if no one knows about it then what is the point? There are so many options for marketing these days and it can seem very overwhelming to decide what is best for your business.

The most important thing you need to do when you start thinking about how you will market your business to your target audience. Who are they and where will you find them? There is no point marketing on twitter if your target market is the over 50’s as very few of them are on twitter. There is no point in printing flyers if your target market is all over the world. You cannot possibly send flyers to everyone.

Some business owners will feel comfortable knowing what works and doesn’t work for them but there may be ideas you had never considered which could be beneficial. It can be really useful to have a professional look at your business and talk through the options with you.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing comprises all of the marketing tactics you carry out online. This includes your website, social media, email, eBooks, content, PPC, online PR, SEO, Online branding and more. Digital Marketing is a great way to connect with customers, build relationships, share your brand message, get remembered and find new audiences. Almost everyone these days is online and when we shop for products, services or experiences, we search online first. That’s why giving your business an online presence using digital marketing is key to success in 2017.

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is hands down the best and cheapest way to reach your target audience. Yes that’s right I said cheapest! People often seem to think that websites, social media management, email and online ads need to be expensive. The truth is depending on what you are looking for, some website and email marketing campaign managers can be expensive to build, but, once you have it it’s there forever with minimal maintenance and updating. Unlike traditional marketing methods like direct mail which you have to pay for over and over again. Social media is totally free if you are confident in using it and if you aren’t there are lots of options out there for business to have someone manage your social media.

The fact is in the future most marketing will be carried out online and so if you aren’t online, you will be missing out on serious amounts of viable business!

Why do I need a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A Digital Marketing Consultant can help you to manage all of your online marketing, from your website to your social media, SEO to paid ads. They will be an experienced marketing professional who understands the importance of each online platform and how they can work together. They will take a strategic approach to ensure your business grows and you have a high ROI.

If you were to hire a full-time Digital Marketing Manager you could be paying anything from 25k per year to 45k per year! However, if you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant, like me, you would be looking at a much lower monthly cost.

As a Digital Marketing Manager, it is key to prove that we are getting results for your business. With a monthly report showing what has been carried out and what has been achieved.

Ready to take your business to the next level with digital marketing? Contact me today!